quality policy

We at techmech engineering & consultants are commited to continual improvement of quality with timely delivery to utmost satisfaction of our valued customers. We have achieved this through training/interactive workshops / upgradation of skills / periodical analysis.

Quality plan

  • As per the requirement or the contract/ drawings/ technical specification/ manufacturing process, a specific and detailed quality plan to be prepared , and work instruction to be prepared specifying inspection checks.the same is to be followed at production and process stages. Inspection to be carried-out as per quality plan check list, as applicable.
  • Detailed quality plan (listed as per standard format of the company) to be prepared by qa & c and approved by the manager (qa&c) before start-up the manufacture.
  • Required necessary inspection equipments/ resources/ skills to be identified and acquired to carry out the verification checks specified in the quality plan.
  • Sustained improvements, relating to quality of products & service/ compatibility od design vis-à-vis manufacturing process/quality testing or inspection techniques/ quality records etc., shall be reviewed during the quality meeting between qa&c division and manufacturing division. The meeting to be organized by the manager (qa&c), periodically.
  • The outcome of such quality meeting to be apprised to the director-in-charge & the general manager (w&a), and guidance for effective and timely implementation.